Thongs are a type of revealing underwear that leaves most of your bottom uncovered. It's a very sexy look and can help avoid visible panty lines.

The thong, like its probable predecessor the loincloth, is believed to be one of the earliest forms of human clothing. Or so says a certain online encyclopedia. This particular thong is perhaps just a little different from the ones worn by cave people though.

Short description Edit

a [thin] [lacy] [colour] thong

Possible colours Edit

white, pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, cream black, grey, brown

Possible variants Edit

thin, lacy

Base stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 1
  • Naughtiness 3
  • Elegance 0

Max stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 1
  • Naughtiness 1 (pink, not thin, not lacy)
  • Naughtiness 7 (red, thin, lacy)
  • Elegance 0 (not red)
  • Casualness 1 (red)

Notes Edit

Cannot be part of an Athletic outfit.

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