Short description Edit

a cute [colour] nightie

Colours Edit

white, pink, black, yellow, blue

Decoration Edit

hearts, big heart, cartoon, flowers, nothing

Variants Edit

low cut, thin

Length Edit

short, knee-length

Types Edit

buttons, zip, strappy

Base stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 2
  • Cuteness 8
  • Casualness 4

Max stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 8 (strappy, short, low cut, thin)
  • Cuteness 14 (buttons, knee-length, pink, big heart, not low cut, not thin)
  • Naughtiness 4 (strappy, short, black, no decoration, low cut, thin)
  • Elegance 1 (zip, white or black, no decoration, not low cut)
  • Casualness 9 (strappy, yellow, cartoon, low cut)

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