Impregnator Edit

Named in code: IMPREGNATOR
In Relationship Browser: He likes getting girls pregnant.

Opposed Traits Edit

Additional Info Edit

An 'evil' trait that means he tries to get girls pregnant by underhand means. His behavior after depends a bit on other traits. For example, if he also doesn't want kids then he'll try to knock girls up and then run out on them. In future versions these npcs will also try to sabotage your contraception, but this isn't implemented yet. Normally only appears on jerks.

It's related to the Tanya event chain.

Impregnators will lie and pretend they're going to pull out but then deliberately finish inside you.

The impregnator trait has an extremely high knowledge requierment, it is impossible to see it in the relationship browser unless you are using the "psychic" cheat

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