Cheats are only available to Patreons of 1 dollar or more. Edit

As of the 21:st of April 2016 there are ten cheats (including two customisation options):

  1. Wealthy: "You have more money than most people, and that means you start the game with an extra £500 in your pockets."
  2. Rich: "You're just plain rich, and that means you start the game with an extra £1000 in your pockets."
  3. Millionaire: "You're super rich, but you aren't able to access your old bank accounts so you'll only start the game with your pocket change. For you, that pocket change adds up to an extra £25,000. The money cheat options are all cumulative with each other, so taking more than one will give you the extra money from both. Do you really need more money than this though?"
  4. Skillful: "You've managed to become good at everything, and you start the game with an extra 50 points in every skill."
  5. Doubly Skillful: "This does exactly the same as the skillful cheat. Taking either one will give you +50 to every skill, and you can select both to get +100 and have every skill maxed at the start of the game."
  6. Psychic: "You have a strange and cheaty psychic power which means that you automatically know everything about everyone you meet."
  7. Hug Box: "The city is a huge hug-box where everyone likes each other. You'll find everyone starts off liking you significantly more than usual, and you like them just as much back. Except for misanthropes. Screw those guys."
  8. Phone Fun: "For some reason, everyone seems to know your phone number. Be prepared to get asked out a lot by random men you've never even met."
  9. NPC personalty probability's: You can change how likely it is to have the different kinds of NPC personalities.
  10. Game length: Allows you to set the length of the game between 1 and 2 147 483 647 weeks.